The OM Workspace software is packed with features that meet the demands of pro photographers, including a customizable screen layout and high-speed RAW preview, supporting various styles of photography workflows.


Powerful support for image data selection

Sequential shooting image group display

A new feature now displays sequentially shot images grouped by shutter release to make it easier to view images including large numbers of sequential shots.
Turn ”Group Sequentially Shot Images” on to display groups of sequentially shot images according to shutter release or scene. This feature makes it easier to find specific scenes from among recorded images.
You can also click the > button displayed on each sequential image group to show only that group.

Focus analyzer quickly evaluates the focus in sequentially shot images

Focus analyzer evaluates the focus in each group of images captured during sequential shooting, and then sorts them according to the level of focus.
This feature makes it easier to check the focus in large groups of sequentially shot images.
In addition to evaluating the focus in the AF frame during shooting, it is also possible to set the focus evaluation position and range wherever you like in an image.
Image analysis automatically tracks the specified evaluation point and range even when the subject moves around in the frame.
Rating images using the focus evaluation results makes it possible to filter and display images by rating, making it easier to select images.

Note that images are sorted in order according to the relative evaluation within the group. Images are sorted even if all of them are out of focus (blurry).
Images are sorted even if all of them are out of focus (blurry).

Display 100% magnification with one-click

Simply click a specific location to switch to 100% magnified display when you want to check the focus or details. Magnification ratio can also be changed.

Normal display

Magnified display

Select the best shot with Light Box

This feature makes it possible to display multiple images on the screen simultaneously. The display location can be synchronised to enlarge specific areas for comparison.

Five rating levels

Five rating levels are now supported for ranking shooting data priority and importance. Images can be filtered by rating.
Ratings set on the OM-1 Mark II and OM-1 are also applied.

Advanced RAW processing and editing for pro photographers

Various editing features

Rotate/reverse, trimming/tilt correction, exposure compensation, white balance, colour correction (colour saturation, brightness, hue), Clarity, Dehaze, tone curve (level correction), Highlight & Shadow, contrast, colour saturation, tone correction, Art Filter, colour filters, shading correction, distortion correction, Fisheye Compensation, Keystone Compensation, sharpness, unsharp mask, red eye correction, video editing (combine, cut, extract)
OM Workspace is equipped with a wide variety of editing features for putting finishing touches on images.

  • 8 GB or more of memory are required for High Res Shot RAW processing.
  • Some parameters cannot be applied during RAW processing.
  • RAW processing may take more time than usual depending on operating conditions.

Editing details can be recorded automatically, copied, and pasted

OM Workspace automatically records RAW processing and editing details such as adjustment of white balance or tone curve. It is simple to revert to original settings. Also you can copy and paste editing details onto selected images. Four settings are available to save with naming.

Powerful noise elimination with AI Noise Reduction

Deep learning is used to apply the optimal level of NR (noise reduction) to images shot at high sensitivity settings.
It can be applied to RAW files on both the OM-1 Mark II and conventional models*1 to generate images with less noise.
The following parameters can be used with AI Noise Reduction.

  1. 1.Mode: Select from resolution priority or noise reduction priority
  2. 2.Strength: Adjust the level of noise reduction
  3. 3.False Color Suppression
  4. 4.Dark Color Suppression: Reduce the low-frequency noise remaining in dark sections
  • 1 OM-1, OM-5, E-M1X, E-M1 Mark III, E-M1 Mark II, E-M5 Mark III
  • This feature does not have any effect on the following images.
    1: Images recorded at anything lower than ISO 800
    2: Live ND, Live GND images
    3: Images recorded with Multi. Exposure
    4: Images generated using ”Merge Images” in the camera playback menu
  • There are limitations on computers that can use this feature. Please see the compatibility table for further details. Details
  • Note that data matching the camera and program must be downloaded from OM Workspace in the [Help] menu > [Download AI Noise Reduction].

High-speed RAW processing with USB RAW processing

By connecting a PC and a supported camera *1 via USB, high-speed RAW processing is possible using a high-performance image processing engine. On the OM-1 Mark II and OM-1, all RAW processing parameters included in OM Workspace (except AI Noise Reduction) can be applied using the editing palette.

  • *1Supported camera: OM-1 Mark II, OM-1, E-M1X (firmware ver1.1 or later), E-M1 Mark III, E-M1 Mark II (firmware ver3.0 or later)
  • USB RAW processing is not available while connecting two cameras at the same time.
  • RAW files recorded on a different camera cannot be processed.

When using E-M1X, E-M1 Mark III or E-M1 Mark II

  • RAW images stored on the SD card in the connected camera can also be edited in OM Workspace.
  • Saved in JPEG format.
  • When switching to USB RAW processing, editing settings are not carried over.

  • Photos are for illustrative purposes only.
  • Screen captures on the monitor are composite images.
  • Specifications are subject to change without notice.